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We are IP Services. Located in the heart of Munich, Germany, we’ll help you navigate the ambiguous IP jungle to bring to you clarity and transparency. We are a network of experts in our respective fields that work together to deliver tailor-made solutions that resolve your business needs. You have a challenge that involves Intellectual Property? We’ll love to hear about it, feel free to reach out.

What makes us Different


How can you create demand for your IP practice? Let us be your guide. In a highly competitive market, we help you leverage and communicate your competitive advantage and create long-term sustainable value for your IP practice. We help you create and manage demand for your services and your firm.

Experienced Team

We are a network of experts in their respective IP areas of practice. We have summoned some of the brightest experts accompanied by talented individuals who look to create tangible results. We have a demonstrated track-record at creating and implementing business development strategies for IP practices as well as offering services related to intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Solutions

We offer a broad range of intellectual property services ranging from patents, trademarks, prosecution, monitoring and enforcement - all of it at a global scale, centralized in a single point of contact. Check out our different areas of expertise.

Data Analytics

When data driven business development meets Legal practice. We convert your data into understandable insights to present you with business intelligence that facilitates decision making. We help you understand the ROI of your business development activities for you to maximize the allocation of commercial resources.

Areas of Expertise

Drafting of Patent Applications

Our in-house experts offer drafting patent applications for the European Patent Office of superb quality following the European Patent Convention (EPC) standards. Whether you are an individual inventors seeking for protection or a company looking for advice, feel free to reach out to learn more about the process.

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Analysis

The most relevant question in FTO analysis is whether your competitors hold valid rights such as granted patents with paid annuities, or whether they have submitted applications that have a realistic chance of being granted a patent. An FTO analysis seeks to identify these patents and applications through worldwide patent database searches.

Our FTO analysis is based on defining the features and technical characteristics of your product or process in sufficient detail. We compare these characteristics with the claims of patents granted to your competitors and assess whether your product or service falls within the scope of protection of the patents. At this stage, careful interpretation of the terminology in patent claims is essential. As a result of the process, we will provide you with a Freedom to Operate declaration that supports your business decision making and risk management.

Our search is very comprehensive covering worldwide patent applications, granted patents and non-patent literature.

Novelty and Patentability Searches

At each step of innovation, a lot of ideas may seem to be unique and patentable. Huge investments go into development of new ideas and products. Therefore, a proper assessment of the technology is required to design further research or expansion of existing product lines and prior art searches helps a lot in it. When a company spends a large amount of time and capital in research and development activities, it becomes essential to analyze the novelty and scope of inventions, prior to filing a patent. A quick novelty or patentability search in the technical domain can help make effective business decisions and maximize investments involved in patent filing and maintenance. The purpose is to determine whether there are any previous patents or non-patents (prior art) that might prevent the inventor from patenting his or her idea.

Patent Invalidity Search

Patent invalidity/validity searches are conducted to either validate the claims made by a patent or to invalidate one or more claims of a competitor’s patent. It is the first step taken by a company when faced with a patent infringement lawsuit. Validity searches are also conducted to check the strength of a granted patent while exploring the available licensing options.

An Invalidity Search is a prior art search done after a patent is granted. The purpose of an invalidity (or validity) search is to find prior art that the patent examiner overlooked so that a patent can be declared invalid. As a searcher, we are expected to dig deep into the domain to find critical prior art overlooked by the patent examiner, which would allow the client to challenge another’s patent (“invalidity”) or be prepared to defend a patent infringement allegation by a competitor (“validity”).

Filing and Prosecution Support

Our network of attorneys is experienced at filing new patent applications, advising on the appropriate right and jurisdiction, and meeting the necessary formalities and time frames.

Our presence throughout Europe and the Americas ensures we are able to file both EP and European national applications in strict adherence to set timeframes and formalities, including translation, claiming priority to an earlier filed foreign or PCT application. Furthermore, IP Services counts with an extensive network of agents all around the globe. We are therefore able to centralize one single order with a single power of attorney (PoA) and a single invoice, all with a single person of contact. Feel free to request more information on how we can best assist you.

Competitor Patent Monitoring Services

A competitor-based Monitoring Service assists clients to monitor and alert the recently granted patents and/or published patent applications regarding his/her competitors. This monitoring service will facilitate watch entirely focused on identifying the status and progress of the competitors work from the recent patent activities from his/her side.

Furthermore, we provide patent monitoring services based on fields of technology. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our monitoring services.

Technical Patent Translation Services

You require a technical patent or trademark translation to file a patent in a foreign jurisdiction? Our broad network of translating experts offer a wide range of languages. Feel free to reach out to learn more about this service.

Business Valuation IP Portfolios

You are looking for someone to help you valuate a trademarks or patent portfolio? We can assist you in this. Some of our experts have spent over 25 years in the industry and are well aware of the factors to take into consideration when it comes at valuating intellectual property portfolios. Feel free to reach out to learn more.

Business Development and demand generation

We will help you generate demand for your IP practice. We have a demonstrated track-record at creating real business opportunities for IP practices. Through it all we follow a simple mantra “what gets measured, gets done”. Feel free to reach out to learn how we can help your IP practice grow.

Digitalization and modernization of Law Firms

Having trouble crafting a digitalization strategy for your IP practice? You understand the importance of technology but yet are unsure of where to start? We would be thrilled to talk to you and craft an impactful strategy together to get you up to speed. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more.

Global Anti-Counterfeiting Services

We protect your mark online by offering a client-centric, result-oriented and measurable service at a competitive cost. We help you not only to craft an anti-counterfeiting strategy, but also to enforce it in complex jurisdictions. Our network of experts have long-lasting relationships with law firms and officials all around the world. We are able to centralize monitoring, take-down notices, as well as enforcement measures for you. Feel free to reach out to us to connect you to one of our experts in this area.

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